At Bloom Within Counseling we assist individuals, couples, and families in identifying problem issues, and setting positive, goal oriented therapy plans that lead to a successful resolution and a productive and happy life ahead. Our belief is that all people deep down want to heal and are capable of achieving wholeness. Talking to a trained professional can open up what is possible, and help you explore ways to achieve personal and emotional balance.

Myra Gasser provides comprehensive, professional mental health services. Together they provide assessment, counseling, specialized education, and medication management services for youth, adolescents, and young adults. There is great value in collaborating with a nurse practitioner who is qualified to provide a comprehensive medical evaluation, order tests, prescribe medications when needed, and provide routine medication management and counseling follow up.

Research has demonstrated, in many circumstances, chemical imbalances and/or certain medical conditions, can result in symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health concerns. Medication, when indicated, in a combination with therapy, has been documented to create a more positive result benefiting the patient/client.

In order to make critical, informed decisions concerning your mental health it is vital to have comprehensive information. We are here to provide that information and support clients/patients and their families through the process of achieving better mental health.

Myra Gasser, M.Ed., LPCI,